Chief Executive Officer/President – Ref #2023-005

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Chief Executive Officer / President – Ref #2023-005

The CEO/President of the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA) is a visionary leader who is a highly skilled and experienced executive responsible for leading the organization in its mission to improve the health and well-being of First Nations people in our communities. The CEO/President of SLFNHA should have strong leadership skills and be able to lead and manage the organization and its leadership team effectively. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of the First Nation communities they are serving, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities that these communities face. Familiarity with First Nation cultures and traditions, knowledge of the specific issues facing First Nation people in the region, and an understanding of the history of healthcare and SLFNHA First Nation communities is critical. This individual will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans and policies that align with the SLFNHA’s vision and goals, as well as overseeing the organization’s day-to-day operations.

The CEO/President of the SLFNHA will report directly to the SLFNHA board of directors and will be responsible for representing SLFNHA at various meetings and events. This individual will also be responsible for managing the organization’s budget/human resources and ensuring that its financial/human resources are used effectively and efficiently.

In addition to these responsibilities, the CEO/President of the SLFNHA will also be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with the Chiefs and First Nation communities, Tribal Councils, and key stakeholders, including government agencies, health care providers, and community organizations. This individual will also oversee the development and implementation of programs and services that support the health and well-being of First Nations people in the community. This individual will have a deep understanding of the unique cultural and political context of First Nation communities and will be dedicated to working closely with the communities to ensure that their health needs are being met. The CEO/President will represent SLFNHA to the public and the media.

Persons of First Nations ancestry will be given preference (OHRC, Part II, Special Employment)

Applicants must possess:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, health, or qualification and experience acceptable to the SLFNHA Board of Directors.
  • Extensive experience in a leadership role within First Nation health care.
  • Proven ability to effectively work with and serve First Nation Communities and their health care needs.
  • Strong understanding of the health care needs of First Nation communities.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop strategic plans and implement them successfully.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledge of health care funding, budgeting and financial management.
  • Proven experience and ability to manage complex human resources environments.
  • Experience working with government agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Understanding of the unique cultural and political context of First Nations communities.
  • First Nation candidates will be given preference and the ability to speak a first nation language would be a significant asset.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Leadership.  Provides visionary leadership that inspires the highest levels of performance in delivering health care, business and operational administration.
  • Operational management.  Maintains an organized system of management and controls that ensure smooth function of health system operations, the timely accomplishment of goals, and physical, financial and human resource viability and success.
  • Quality of care services.  Ensures best practice and evidence-based approaches to consistently deliver exceptional, well-coordinated and integrated care that delivers high-level outcomes and client/patient satisfaction.
  •  Strategic planning.  Develops, implements, and executes operational plans that ensure timely strategic goal achievement.
  •  Partnerships and negotiations.  Develops strategic partnerships and ensures skillful negotiations that help to position the organization for success.
  •  Financial performance.  Utilizes financial and analytical skills to lead, monitor and take actions that ensure the health system’s financial stability and long-term success.
  •  Community relations.  Fosters strong community relations and develops collaborative partnerships that advance the interests of SLFNHA and contribute to the health and well-being of the communities served.
  •  Board relations.  Manages the functions of the health system in accordance with the direction set by the board of directors.  Informs and advises the board of directors on matters that influence and impact health system performance.
  • Human resources.  Maintains effective and collaborative relationships with the staff that inspire loyalty, ensures the ability to meet the health needs of the communities and advances quality, client safety and satisfaction.
    • Provides leadership that aligns and challenges the workforce and promotes fulfillment of the health system’s mission, vision and values.
  • Regulatory compliance.  Ensures legal and regulatory compliance and represents the health system in relationships with local, provincial and federal governing agencies.

SLFNHA currently “Strongly Recommends” COVID-19 immunizations and requests your immunization status to be sent to our staff health department if successful in the recruitment process.

To apply or for more information, please contact:

Barbara Lockhart

SmartHire Human Capital Solutions


Closing Date: 4:30pm (CST), March 10, 2023

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