MMW / Transitions Program

The MMW/Transitions Program works with adults 18 years of age and older and their families living with developmental disabilities who may have mental health issues, challenging behaviours, who may require assessment for eligibility to services, are difficult to diagnose and/or need help with their medication.  By providing services where and when people need them, the program enables adults with developmental disabilities to continue to live in their homes in the community.

This program has two components:

  • Clinical Assessment Program (MMW)
  • Transitions Youth Facilitator Program

The MMW program provides specialized clinical services and resources for adults living with developmental disabilities.  It also provides a unique opportunity for individuals, families, caregivers and professionals to share resources and information over significant geographic distances.  Videoconferencing technology allows participants to meet via high speed, secure telecommunication links, in real time, face to face.

In partnership Surrey Place and in collaboration with other partners, we are able to provide this service to communities situated in Northwestern Ontario.  Local agencies, professionals and communities have access to specialized (therapeutic) services and educational opportunities, that may otherwise not be available due to cost and other factors associated with the distances to major centers.

Services may include:

  • Intake – Service Coordination
  • Psychological Assessment and Consultation
  • Counselling
  • Behavior Therapy Assessment and Consultation
  • Psychiatric Assessment and Consultation Educational Opportunity
  • Educational Opportunity

The Transitions Program main focus is for clients to make successful transition from school life to adult life. It is designed for those who have been identified with a developmental disability, who have graduated or have left high school within the last two years, are not receiving accommodation supports (funding) and have minimal or no day programs appropriate to their strengths.

This program offers opportunities for the enhancement of life skills, securing employment, continuing with adult education, building new relationships through social and recreational activities. 

The mains goals for each participant is to find empowerment and to begin to make choices toward their future, better interpersonal skills, increase self-confidence and awareness, to be able to make informed choices, to be exposed to a wider range of interests and life experiences and to have more independence and a better quality of life. 

The ultimate results for each participant is to have greater control over their own lives, a plan in place for their future, identified their support needs, select their choices of people and services for help and the ability to voice their opinion.

For More Information

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Developmental Disabilities/Telemedicine Supervisor
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