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A message for Pelican Falls High School students, From Nathan (NODIN Counsellor)

A message to Sioux North students from Val (NODIN Counsellor)

Elder Emily Greig speaks on the COVID-19 pandemic


Emily's personal experience as a frontline worker

She talks about an experience she had when she was a front-line healthcare worker and the difficulties she encountered... similar to those our current front-line workers are having now.


Elder Emily Greig talks about an experience she remembers as a child.

A community wide sickness throughout her community. She shares this story because the current sickness also has no medicine for it.


Elder Emily Greig asks that people inform themselves about COVID-19.

Emily talks about how she has spent her life listening to those that have helped her all her life and believes that is what helped her live this long.

Elder Emily Greig speaks about how important it is to listen to community leaders, and healthcare workers.

She asks people to inform themselves and to stay safe, and stay at home.

Dr. Natalie Bocking: Clarification of Masks-English Version 


Dr. Natalie Bocking: Clarification of Masks - Oji-cree and English Version


Information and Facts


Detection and Action

How to isolate at home when you have COVID-19

How to care for a loved one with COVID-19

Mental Health and Self Care