Avoiding Infection


Information and Facts:

How to avoid infection

How to self monitor
How to self isolate
Hand washing
Hand sanitizing
Cover your cough
Putting on and taking off gloves
Stop the spread of germs
Alcohol and Covid-19
COVID-19 Drug use safety tips
Harm reduction and COVID-19
Quick guide info poster
Airport Screening
Travel Restrictions for Safe Pathways to and from Communities for Care

Cleaning Information Sheets

Bathroom Cleaning
Bleach Solutions for Cleaning
Cleaning of Public Spaces
Cleaning Up Body Substances
General Cleaning and Disinfectant Tips
Linen and Laundry Tips
Sleeping Mat Cleaning

What to do if you are sick

Stay at home if you're sick
Self-isolation fact sheet



How long does the virus live on surfaces
Social distancing

Alternate Care Sites 
Case and Contact Management


Testing for COVID-19

Don't Linger in the Shadows
Easing Restrictions
Community Events
Daycare Centres
Fishing & Hunting
Hair Salons
Outdoor Play
Returning To Work
Stay Alert
Social Events
Contact Tracing
Rabbit Trail
Good Non-Medical (Cloth) Masks
Medical and Non-Medical (Cloth) Masks
Not Everyone Can Wear A Mask
Respiratory Droplets and Masks
When to Wear A Mask
How to Put On and Take Off Mask
How to Put On and Take Off Mask (Syllabics)

Self-Isolation Tips

Isolation and Outside Time
Community Support
Regular Check-Ins
Remote Support Access
Self Care
Virtual Support

Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared!

Practice All That You Have Learned      
Returning From A Trip      
Support Others By Social Distancing      
Follow Local Guidance      

Facemasks Are Useful


Public Places

Beaches and Outdoor Swim Area      
Outdoor Public Spaces      
Places of Worship
Recreational Settings with Kids
Traditional Gathering
Traditional Gathering Participation


COVID 19 Flow Charts-Symptoms & Testing

I Have Symptoms
I Tested Positive for COVID-19
I Am In Contact of Someone With COVID-19
I Returned to My Community 
Messages Around Mask Are Changing
Good Reasons to Wear A Mask
Good Reasons to Wear A Mask (part 2)