Discharge Coordination

To qualify for medical transportation benefits under the NIHB Health Benefits program, you must meet the eligibility requirements:

  1. A registered ‘Indian’ according to the Indian Act or an infant (up to one-year old) of an eligible parent, and
  2. Not funded or insured under any other benefit system or benefit plans.

In order to receive medical transportation benefits, the following documents are required:

  • A referral from a specialist or family doctor
  • Confirmation of appointment from the health care provider or facility
  • Confirmation of attendance at your appointment from your health care provider or facility

What are Medical Transportation Benefits?

See Medical Transportation Framework.

Travel Arrangements

The NIHB Benefits program provides medical transportation to help you access medical services with the nearest appropriate health care professional or attend at the nearest appropriate health care facility. The most economical and efficient means of transportation is used, while also considering the urgency of your situation and your medical condition.

Medical Transportation Responsibilities for First Nations

If you are using medical transportation benefits provided by the NIHB program, review the check-list:

  • Ensure that you have prior approval for all non-emergency trips. The only exception is a medical emergency.
  • Obtain the necessary paperwork for your trip before leaving the community (Documents sent to community or to nursing station).
  • Attend your medical appointment as scheduled.
  • Get a signed/stamped Confirmation of Attendance from your doctor or nurse confirming that you have attended your medical appointment.
  • The signed Confirmation of Attendance or Accommodation/Discharge Slip must be returned to the Transportation Clerk after the medical appointment.

Client Responsibilities

Give notification when cancelling an appointment. Be sure to provide 24 hours’ notice to cancel all arrangements. Call your NIHB clerk or health care facility.

Submitting a Claim

  • Collect and submit all required receipts
  • Complete form and mail to address provided on form

Process for patient accessing travel benefits:

  1. You receive an appointment for a specialty or physician located outside of your community.
  2. Travel from community to appointment location will be arranged by NIHB community clerks.
  3. Escorts (if required) should follow the guidelines in the Medical Transportation Framework.
  4. Five to seven days before your appointment, your NIHB community clerk will forward your travel itinerary to you. Please ensure you have received:
    • Confirmation of appointment
    • Transportation Form
    • Accommodation Form
    • Necessary Vouchers – meals, taxis (for large centres)
  5. Complete the travel arrangements and use vouchers as instructed. Please check the comments section of vouchers for instructions.
  6. Attend your appointment as scheduled. Upon completion of your appointment(s), ensure the doctor’s office signs and dates the confirmation of attendance.
  7. If you have additional appointments, keep all paperwork until you have been discharged from all appointments.
  8. Return your appointment confirmation or discharge slip to the JMK Hostel/Transportation Department or fax to 807-737-3618.
    • It is the responsibility of the client and escort to confirm travel arrangements with the Transportation department.

    • Please provide contact information to receive travel information.

    • If you cannot provide contact information, call 807-737-6166 to confirm arrangements.

  9. The Discharge Department will arrange return travel to your home community and is available by the most economical and efficient means of transportation.

Discharge Maps

More Information

For Service Delivery Information

Maxine Goodman
Benefits Manager
T: (807) 738-3763
Office Hours: 9am – 5pm

For Return Travel Information

Discharge Clerk
F: (807) 737-3618
E: dispatch@slfnha.com

Service Hours & Contact Information

Monday to Friday – 8am – 12am
Saturday & Sunday – 8am – 12pm

807-737-5080 or 807-737-5081