Special Projects

Nodin CFI often has special projects underway, most often based on short-term funding and proposals. We've listed some of the most recent and ongoing special projects. For specific information on any of these, please call our Director of Treatment Services, Kevin Berube, at (807) 737-4011.

Kinark & Nodin CFI Pikangikum Project

We are in the third year of a three-year proposal that was approved by The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS). The proposal is for Kinark Child and Family Services to work with Nodin CFI in the community of Pikangikum First Nation.  It focuses on community engagement, training & development of community mental health resources and the development of a community-case management model and evaluation.

The Extraordinary Circumstance Reserve Fund Project  & Trauma Teams

Utilizing funds from Extraordinary Circumstance Reserve Fund Project, Trauma Teams were developed in 2012 and worked in three communities: Pikangikum First Nation, Neskangtaga First Nation and Mishkeegogamang First Nation for varying lengths of time.

The Trauma Teams work alongside the community resources who assist them in identifying families who have been affected by trauma. The teams then help the families process their trauma in an effort to stabilize and get families on track in their healing journeys.

Child and Youth Advocacy Centre

The needs assessment and feasibility study has been completed to identify a Child and Youth Advocacy Centre that would serve the First Nation communities in the Sioux Lookout area.

A Child and Youth Advocacy Centre is a service that provides a child-friendly environment to work with child victims of crime.  The centre brings together all of the services that would work with child victims - health services, mental health services, child welfare, police and the crown attorney. The Centre organizes the efforts of these services so that the least amount of trauma is incurred by the child from the process of gathering information in a criminal case.  It also ensures that timely supports are in place for the child victim.

The project was funded by the Department of Justice, Ministry of the Attorney General – Ontario Victims Service Secretariat.  The information from the study is being sent to the Department of Justice as a Phase 1 project.  Phase 2 of the project would focus on the development of a centre in the region.  Another proposal is required for consideration of Phase 2 funding.