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Hostel Switches to Hot Food Delivery

SLFNHA Newsletter, Autumn 2014

September 21 marked the first day the Jeremiah Mckay Kabayshewekamik (hostel) made the switch to hot food delivery.

So what did this mean for clients?

“Hot food delivery means the food will be served fresh and hot right at the hostel. This differs from the previous method, in which we reheated food,” explains Darryl Quedent, Director of Client Services.

Since the new hostel opened in 2011, management has taken steps to ensure food served to clients is not only satisfying, but also meets Canada Food Guide. The hostel food provider is Aramark, which also provides dietary services to Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre.

“We are always intent on ensuring food tastes good and meets our client dietary needs, so we anticipate this new method of delivery will mean a tastier meal,” says Quedent.