Team Leader (Security, Maintenance & Laundry)

Deadline: Jan 26, 2018 by 4:30 PM CST
Location: Sioux Lookout, ON
Commitment: Full Time

Under the direction of the Director of Client Services, the Security, Maintenance and Laundry Team Leader will be responsible for the daily direction, coordination and supervision of the Security, Maintenance and Laundry services. The Hostel Team Leader will oversee all duties and work tasks of front line staff to ensure that quality of care is maintained and to ensure that established policies and procedures are carried out.


  • Post-Secondary education in Business Administration  
  • Five to ten years of supervisory experience in a similar environment
  • Experience and understanding of First Nations cultural issues, the geographical realities and social conditions within remote Northern First Nations Communities
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and coordinate service delivery objectives
  • Must have excellent knowledge and experience with computers and computer applications
  • Knowledge of Ontario Building Codes
  • Knowledge and experience working with HVAC systems
  • Knowledge of the Federal Labour Codes
  • Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety guidelines and standards
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Journeyman certificate considered an asset


  1. Provides daily direction, coordination and supervision for Security, Maintenance and Laundry programs as follows:


  • Hires new staff, oversees training and supervises permanent and casual security officer staff; schedules staff on rotation schedule, 4 on and 4 off on a monthly basis;
  • Oversees implementation of security policies, procedures and protocols, recommends changes as necessary;
  • Reviews security daily log book to assess incidents arising on each shift and forwards copy to Director of Client Services and CAO;
  • Supervises and ensures all duties of the Security Personnel are completed in a quality and timely manner;
  • Regularly communicates with Meno Ya Win on security hostel training and issues that arise;
  • Ensure all video monitors are in good working order; advises Director of Client Services when systems are not working properly;
  • Ensures all HR forms and work time sheets are filled out accurately and an original is sent to Human Resources
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings to discuss issues, incidents, resources, etc.
  • Works with Director to negotiate and contract with security vendor to conduct training and do periodic reviews;
  • Researches and takes advantage of technical training being offered in the community; 
  • Responds to extraordinary security issues, recommends changes to policy as appropriate;
  • Meets monthly with staff, meets on urgent issues when appropriate


  • Ensure all duties of the Maintenance Worker are completed
  • Enter work orders to SLFNHA ticket maintenance system
  • Monitor electrical contract entries for ESA logbook
  • Ensure all work orders are completed in a timely manner
  • Ensure daily and weekly checks are completed on all equipment
  • Consult with the Director of Client Services with any equipment issues
  • Provide daily supervision to the Maintenance Worker and complete monthly staff schedules
  • Ensure all maintenance reports are recorded in the log book for each shift and a copy directed to the Director of Client Services and Chief Administrative Officer for follow up
  • Ensure all HR forms are filled out accurately and an original is sent to Human Resources
  • Available to fill in for the departmental staff where necessary
  • Assist in development of training plans for staff
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings
  • Works with Director to contract external vendors for technical training as required
  • Meets with and/or communicates with vendors marketing products/services for maintenance
  • Prepares purchase orders for maintenance supplies as required and forwards to Director
  • Oversees and manages maintenance requests as required 
  • Oversees regular audits on machines/elevators to ensure proper functioning, provides reports to Director;
  • Works closely with multiple approved contractors for maintenance, pest control, elevators, laundry, building in general;
  • Works with Director to improve processes, ie: new ticket system, assists staff to adjust to changes;
  • Provides monthly reports to Director; reports crisis issues immediately
  • Meets monthly with staff to discuss issues, policies, procedures, new initiatives.


  • Hires, directs and supervises staff of 4 full time personnel; schedules rotation shifts for staff;
  • Conducts the hostel orientation training, makes introductions to senior staff who will conduct technical training for laundry such as turning valves, vacuuming, laundry folding, etc;
  • Provides periodic checks with new staff to ensure training is sufficient;
  • Conducts staff performance reviews and forwards to Supervisor and HR;
  • Ensures all HR forms and timesheets are filled out accurately and a copy is sent to Human Resources
  • Deals with staff concerns and issues related to laundry operations and reports to Director, Client Services;
  • Works with and consults with HR on employees issues when needed
  • Works with Director to set up special training, i.e.: WMHIS, workplace health and safety
  • Prepares purchase orders from approved vendors; sends to Director for approval;
  • Maintains inventory needed for laundry; monitors list and orders when needed
  • Calls maintenance when required, contacts vendors for repairs when necessary; works with Client Services Director to order maintenance repairs;
  • Reviews weekly and monthly reports from staff and prepares report for Director;
  • Oversees public washing machines/dryers, ensures appropriate inventory of soap, etc., monitors and accounts for sales of soap
  • Makes arrangements for computer access, email, door keys, etc.
  • Ensures all incident reports are recorded in the log book for each shift and a copy directed to the Director of Client Services and Chief Administrative Officer for follow up
  • Available to fill in for the departmental staff where necessary
  • Holds regular staff meetings and attends weekly management meetings for Client Services Dept.
  • Perform monthly fire drill at the Hostel and assist with follow up recommendations on fire drill procedures in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations