SLFNHA Health and Safety

Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA) recognizes that it is a joint responsibility of both the Organization and the employees to make certain that a safe and healthy working environment exists for the employees.

Employee Obligations

It is the responsibility of each SLFNHA employee to abide by all employee obligations set out under Part II of the Canada Labour Code. Employees have a responsibility to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to ensure their health and safety and that of anyone else who may be affected by their work or activities. Nobody knows a workplace better than the people who work in it.

Employee Right to Refuse Work where Health and Safety is at Risk

In circumstances where an employee has justifiable reason to believe that a work situation poses a danger to him/her or to another employee, he/she may refuse to work unless the refusal puts the life, health or safety of another employee in direct danger, or the danger is a regular condition of employment.

Employer Obligations

To conform to its responsibilities under Part II of the Canada Labour Code, SLFNHA will ensure the health and safety of all employees and volunteers are protected within the work environment.

Statement of Information Practices

Collection of Personal Health Information:

We collect personal health information about you directly from you or from the person acting on your behalf. The personal health information that we collect may include, for example, your name, date of birth, address, health history, records of your visits to [the Hospital] and the care that you received during your visits. Occasionally, we collect personal health information about you from other sources if we have obtained your consent to do so or if the law permits.

For more information on this please see our Statement of Information Practices.


SLFNHA has a Workplace Health and Safety Committee in place. This committee consists of representation from each office location (Admin, Finance, Nodin, Hostel, Primary Health Care Unit, Health Services). If you are a SLFNHA employee and wish to contact a Representative, your supervisor will have a list posted in your office area. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Committee through your supervisor/manager.

If you wish to report a Health and Safety concern, the first person to speak to is your Supervisor. It is their responsibility, under the Canada Labour Code, to rectify this situation. If they are not able to or do not respond to your request within 30 days, you may then speak to your Health and Safety Rep and request an Incident Report to fill out. This Report will be brought forward to the Committee to resolve.

If you are a client of SLFNHA (Hostel, Nodin, etc), or a member of the general public, and have a concern or complaint about services received at SLFNHA, or the condition of a building or room, please speak to a SLFNHA employee to express your concern or contact info(at) or call (807) 737-1802 and ask to speak to a Communications Officer.

Workplace Wellness

A sub-committee of the SLFNHA Workplace Health and Safety Committee, the Workplace Wellness Committee (WWC) was formed to promote health and wellness throughout the SLFNHA staffers. With over 200 employees, the WWC hopes to provide tangible information to everyone regarding physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Each month, the WWC will be sending out a calendar and "theme"- which could be related to nutrition, fitness, stress, lifestyle choices, etc. We welcome SLFNHA staff and employees of any of our partners, and especially residents in the 31 communities we serve, to check online for themes, ideas, inspiration and activities to consider improving your health and well-being.